It’s funny how our names have such an impact on our lives. Imagine yourself as any other name than the one you have and, suddenly, you are contemplating all the choices you’ve made with a “what if…”


Mine is Tuesday.

Uncommon and common at the same time. I have spent many a Tuesday serving in the Navy, putting myself through an Earth Science BS doing various jobs, adventuring in the great outdoors, being a wife and mother and wondering how life would have been different had I been a Heather.

All of my  life experiences are used in my teaching and designing. I am licensed in the state of Oregon as a K-12 Science and Art teacher. My undergrad schooling at Oregon State University prepared me to teach all science subjects to an advanced level throughout high school. I continued my education with a Masters in Information Technology for Educators with a special emphasis in Instructional Design. I received both my Master degree and my Instructional Design certificate from Western Oregon University.

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From Robotics to Rembrandt, Digital Photography to Degas, Ceramics to Cézanne–art, technology and science entwine. I love inspiring other people to widen their horizons and embrace adventure.

Philosophy of Teaching Technology