Let’s explore POP ART.

First lets watch an interview with the pop artist, Romero Britto:

Romero Britto likes to use basic shapes like a HEART or a STAR and then decorates around them.

Lets check out this  presentation for more examples:


Using the 12″ X 18″ Poster size drawing paper, create a Romero Britto inspired drawing.


  1. Have a border that is equal width all around the entire paper that is no wider than 1 inch.
  2. Create a main shape as your subject (heart, star, peace sign, etc) but don’t put in the VERY center….put it closer to one side than the other.
  3. LIGHTLY pencil in your sections and be creative about how to design each section
  4. Use Colored Pencils, Oil Pastels or BOTH (no paint or markers)
  5. Finally, Use BLACK to carefully accent the separations in your design.

Please refer to any of the Romero Britto examples for inspiration.