Evidence 1

Students design and review each other in my classes. These are examples of student collaboration works. All student names do not have last names, for privacy reasons. There are no identifiable people in any of the pictures. Salem Keizer requires all parents to file a media release. Some students are exempt from media release but are not pictured.


Evidence 2

This is another sample of student data gathering. Students reviewed other’s websites or video games and then completed a google form. This is the spreadsheet representing their data. This link opens to a  downloadable spreadsheet. It is created on Google Drive and can be easily shared with teachers, parents and students if needed.


Evidence 3

I am very a project based teacher, as well as learner, and this form of teaching is enjoyable to me. I think the kids like it too! These students are in collaboration and troubleshooting in these pictures. The students in these pictures are from a course I taught at Oregon State University and all students have a media release.

(all pictures have a media release allowing these students to represent any of my work)