Welcome to Computer Multimedia class

This class is designed to give you samples of potential computer usages you may encounter in your future. Computer technology changes rapidly and we will dabble in new technology as often as I can find it and prepare it for you. This may mean that I will be learning with you. This also could mean that you may be frustrated with some new tech that we haven’t quite figured out how to use. Let’s try to have fun with it!

You will also be expected to know certain things that are non-negotiable learning goals. This means, you do them. I am expected to teach certain skills. You are expected to learn them. I promise, they aren’t hard. They are important.

The non-negotiable expectations are:

  • Internet Safety (as in how to be safe and keep you and me out of trouble)
  • Cyberbullying (as in–don’t be one)
  • Plagiarism (here we look at how to properly and legally use other people’s creative works in our own work–there are right ways and wrong ways)
  • File Management and Basic Computer Skills (this DOES include typing/keyboarding)

Technologies that we will use/explore in this class include:

  • Google Drive and Documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint equivalents)
  • Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Game Development (Scratch, Twine, GameMaker)
  • Programming Basics (JavaScript, Python, HTML, Code.org, CodeCombat.com, Codeacademy.com, etc.)
  • Website development (WordPress, Wix, Google Sites)
  • Open Source Tools
  • Audio Tools
  • Mapping Tools

It’s highly likely that we will find new things to explore. It’s highly likely that we will visit some of the above list and spend almost no time on it.

There will be an opportunity to work on individual projects that you have discovered you want to play with and explore deeper. Let me know…communication for the win!

Please read the syllabus and class assignments. New links will be unlocked as we progress through the course.

Internet Safety

How to spot Fake News and other misleading things on the Internet