The beautiful thing about technology is its dynamic nature. Minds more creative than mine are continuously affecting technological changes and challenging the status quo. Perhaps the greatest challenge of being a technology teacher is keeping up with the rate of change. The rate of change is by far more important to keep abreast of as there is no way to keep up with the actual changes as they occur. Flexibility, in regards to what technologies the students are using, is a key component to how I keep in touch with the students and their technological preferences.

When I am teaching my computer science classes, although I have a direction, I often seek the advice of the students as to which applications we should be focusing our collective attention. By keeping the material current, relevance may be added by showing the students how their choice of technology fits into the whole picture. I try to show a panoramic view of the world including ethical use of their technology, how to stay safe in an ever-shrinking world, and how to seek true self-satisfaction with education. I believe that the pursuit of self-acceptance and contentment with one’s goals will drive a person to a better education. An education that fits that person and when an education fits the person, it fits society’s needs as well.

Being a model for students to emulate is a crucial role for any teacher. People who don’t even realize they are teachers are models for others. I am an artist, a filmmaker, a photographer, a drone flyer, and an avid motorcyclist; I dance, fight, read, sing and act. I don’t do any of these things for anyone else but myself. I do bring the passions that I have into the classroom for, as a model of life-long learning, I want to instill the same love for doing into my students. I use technology to augment my love for all of the activities in my life from reading about dancing to downloading plays and mapping out my next motorcycle adventure. Technology is not the goal, it is merely the tool that I use to better connect with my passions. This is how I act as a model for students. I want to connect the students to their passions through technology.

Teaching is art. Passion can drain me and break me as quickly as it reinvigorates me. There are days when teaching breaks my heart and my soul cries to never return but a spark of passion drives me forward and I find new life in the potential of my students. There is far too much emphasis on obtaining good grades and students fail to find passion in the pursuit of grades. I want to connect the students to their passions through technology.

I never intend to stop teaching or being a model of life-long learning. Opportunities to lead others toward their passions and self-contentment are everywhere. As the tendrils of technology spread to every remote place on earth, future potential teaching opportunities grow in the light of new advancements. I intend to take advantage of any advancement available to enrich my own passions. And, I’ll take anyone with me that wants to go there too.

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