Regardless of whether you are doing VEX, VEX IQ, or Lego EV3/NXT–you need to keep a journal, or notebook, detailing what your thoughts, designs and learning processes are. If you are competing, this notebook becomes a vital artifact in the judging process. If you are a hobbyist, you will serve yourself and your skills better by keeping a detailed notebook for YOUR reference.

Watch this video, then continue reading.

Please set up your notebook with these items:

  • Label your cover with your team name and all the names of the members of that team. (first and last names)
  • Number all the pages in your notebook.
  • Create a Table of Contents. Use the first two or three pages as your Table of Contents. You will fill this in as you create more entries for your notebook.
  • Title and date the page you begin your Design or your Log entries. Each day you write in your notebook. Then, go to the Table of Contents page and enter that info in the Table of Contents.

Important Rules of Writing in the Notebook

  • Always use Pen. Do not erase. If you make a mistake, line through it with a SINGLE line and then enter the correct information. Initial the new information with YOUR initials.
  • Spell correctly. If you don’t know how to spell something…ask, look it up, etc. There is no excuse to misspell anything. Minor misspellings or common mistakes may result in more lines indicating mistakes. Try to avoid those.
  • Use a ruler whenever you draw a straight line.
  • Sign and date your entries.
  • NEVER remove pages. You should have the pages numbered before you start. Mistakes are acceptable in a notebook. It shows how much you learn over time. Own that.
  • Label everything. Always.

Here are some more resources and examples to investigate:

Please look at this example to see a very nice Robotics Notebook. Example Robotics Notebook  (Opens in a new tab)

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