Let’s start with the difference between hard and soft wood:

There are many very LONG videos on YouTube about how to identify and type wood. Do not forget that the Internet has many resources you can access with simple searches. Here is a short, but informative, video on buying the right lumber for your projects:

One important thing to notice in the Home Depot video is the Actual vs. Nominal size chart. Here it is again to review:


This website is full of information on identifying wood. Take a look at it and make a few notes of things you didn’t know before you read it. Wood Identification Guide

Calculating board feet to plan for your project isn’t that hard. Don’t overthink it. Here is a nice explanation:

In class, I keep asking you to PLAN your project. Then I give you a sheet to fill out. This is EXACTLY what professionals do. I’m not just making busy work for you. With modern technology, many professionals have begun to use the computer to help them out.

Obviously, measurements are very important. The tape measure is a common tool and it is easy to think that you should just “know” how to use it. To properly use a tape measure is a bit trickier than one might believe. Let’s check this video out to get the basics:

Now, let’s try this exercise. If you are IN CLASS, then you have this handout. If you are HOME, then download this and give it a try!

Ruler Exercise

The remainder of the week, we will meet in the woodshop and you will work on your projects!